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Shannon has extensive experience in the outdoor, ski, fashion, action sports and lifestyle markets as a professional guide, retail buyer and communications and branding guru.  As the PR and Marketing Manager for Schoeller Textiles and Technologies, she has successfully worked with brands from every fashion niche, major consumer goods, action sports and emerging trends.

Handling the PR and Marketing for Schoeller USA gives her a unique insight into the supply chain of the apparel industry, textile trends, and out-of-the-box opportunities. Her unofficial title of ‘Captain of Making It Happen’ transcends traditional definitions.

Previously, she served as the Director of Retail and Rental at Crested Butte Mountain Resort, managing operations, employees and buying for nine locations. Shannon has also worked as a business development and sales consultant, professional guide and athlete, and served on the Board of Directors of The Outdoor Industries Women’s Coalition. Her passions include skiing, paddle boarding, rivers, dogs, community events, gardening and nutrition.