Let's get out of the 2D, more into 3D...make some real connections with people. We are the connectors, doers, risk-takers and makers. We are the advocates, users and bridge-builders between the physical product and emotional connection. Let's bring back conversation and experience and make it meaningful for your customers. The rest will follow. 

The Walton Works offers a unique approach and veteran experience to organizations looking to enhance their brands. From high fashion to high adventure, we are driven by meaningful relationships. Our mission is to blend function, fashion and passion in product, representation and ourselves...above all, with integrity and honesty.

The Walton Works is an organization with deep roots in the outdoor, ski, adventure, travel and lifestyle markets. We understand the end user, the manufacturing process and the brand commitment required to provide the highest possible level of product because that is what we believe and it’s what we do.

Contact us and let's connect. We’d love to help create a story and tell it together.


Brand Development

With extensive experience across business channels including manufacturing and materials, outreach and marketing, and retail and customer service, we provide brand development consultation. Our goal is to help you define and execute a cohesive, effective brand strategy from the 50,000-foot level down to product trim details. By assessing every aspect of the brand from messaging and voice, to product development and design, to best practices on delivery and retail support we will build a consistent, clear and strong story. 

Marketing Strategy

Within the parameters of your budget, we can help specify a marketing strategy to best achieve goals of outreach and exposure within traditional and non-traditional avenues. Print and online exposure, partnerships and on-the-ground grassroots efforts all play a part in successfully building your business. It is our objective to help you navigate these opportunities to define a creative, dynamic and targeted mix that will result in the greatest return of effort and investment. 

Public Relations

Utilizing our relationships within the outdoor, lifestyle, fashion and trade markets, we will work with your team to create objectives specific to your brand within each market. Engaging with trade publications, consumer media and your potential customers each season, we continually evaluate our strategy and nimbly navigate the changing media landscape to be able to provide you successful results. 


Through grassroots outreach, we engage with key blogs, Facebook, Twitter, social, emerging media and event coverage. We continually evaluate media outlets, strategies and platforms to explore the most effective and influential means of maximizing your brand message and relationship with your consumers. Our goal is to build influence for your brand and assess our efforts by tracking impressions from these specific outlets. Ultimately, we want to leverage this to drive sales.

Additional Services

The Walton Works believes in the necessity to customize our efforts to each specific client and their unique goals and needs. We offer much more than simply "traditional services" or a "menu" to choose from. Our goal is to bring a conceptual experience to life…it is our goal to foster a community of “yes.”