Give Idaho

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Just over a week ago, The Walton Works and Idaho Mountain Touring celebrated the launch of the GIVE IDAHO campaign with the Boise community.

GIVE IDAHO was inspired by Idahoans’ collective love for the Gem State that we have felt and seen within our community. It was inspired as well from the belief that preserving Idaho’s environment will strengthen the state’s economy.

We are proud of our State and the reasons for our admiration could fill pages. Home to gorgeous high desert, river, and mountain playgrounds, incredible skiing, riding, paddling, hiking and climbing, Idaho boasts 38% of its land mass as National Forest. Not surprisingly, great value of the state’s treasures is shown through fellow residents beliefs. A recent survey found that 92% of Idahoan’s agree that recreational activities in our national forests, wildlife areas and parks are an essential part of Idaho’s economy and 95% agree that is possible to have a balance between a healthy economy with good jobs and the protection of our natural environment.

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Additionally, the Outdoor Industry Association found that Idaho’s active outdoor recreation economy supports 37,000 jobs and produces $2.2 billion annually in retail sales and services across the state.

The GIVE IDAHO campaign was created to encourage residents to consciously make decisions to invest in Idaho’s long-term growth. By patronizing locally owned businesses and supporting the organizations that maintain and protect our backyard playgrounds, and actively contributing to the growing recreation economy, our home state will thrive.

The party to kick off the campaign included a celebration themed around a celebration of the senses. Featuring a premiere screening of IDAHO, The Movie with DVD signings by narrator/writer Tim Woodward, the evening also included sight and sound inspiration from Boisean writers Alan Heathcock and Michael Lanza as well as award-winning musician,Andrew Coba.

The visual adventure continued through the artwork of local artists including photography, illustration, paintings, tattoo art, jewelry design and the release of 2 new designs from Banana-Ink.

Taste buds were tantalized by food and drink from Idaho’s Bounty, Beehive CheesePayette BrewingWidmer Brewing and wine provided by the Boise Co-op. The soothing touch ofMyofly’s massage therapists rounded out the evening of the senses.

Throughout the evening, holiday shoppers and gallery strollers had the opportunity to purchase art, books, CDs, and limited copies of Idaho, The Movie DVD, as well as product from Idaho Mountain Touring with a portion of all proceeds going to support the participating non-profits.

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After the event, IMT owner Chris Haunold gave the initial update, “We’re still working on the numbers but it looks like we raised almost $2000 for Snake River AllianceWinter Wildlands AllianceIdaho Conservation LeagueIdaho Rivers United and The Nature Conservancy.”

“Our Give Idaho event was a great gathering of locals who share the interest of protecting our outdoor playgrounds. It was exciting to see the support of the community and have such festive energy at the event. What a great night,” commented Jessica, TWW Office Manager and “Mission Control.”

Give Idaho is committed to seeing our home state thrive. This gift giving season, consciously invest in locally owned businesses and support organizations that maintain and protect your backyard playgrounds.